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My feature on the Moments with Mothers blog.

Mometns with Mothers card for new mom

I started following Anna a couple of years ago, with my personal Instagram account. At that point, she was organizing meetings for new moms where they could share their experiences around motherhood: the good but also the darker side of motherhood, which is often left untold and can be so confusing and damaging for new mamas. 


Fast forward to now and Anna has built this amazing community around the concept of empowering and accompanying moms, she has now an entire platform (including a shop with the cutest cards for moms)dedicated to this purpose. And then one day in December I open my Instagram and see that "Moments with Mothers" is following me -fangirl moment. And when Anna approached me and asked if I would like to be featured in her blog of course I jumped at the opportunity. What an honor to be considered!

One of the best things that starting Les Girls Collective has brought me is meeting other strong and courageous women that truly want me to succeed. In a world that focuses on competition, achieving more, and acquiring more, it is refreshing to see women that do not want to compete with other women but rather are working towards empowering others and lifting them. Anna is very much in this business of female empowerment (and so am I, so this was a match made in heaven really) and I will be forever grateful that she gave me a space on her blog and told my story in such a beautiful way. 


And now, without further ado, here´s the link to the feature about Les Girls Collective on the Moments with Mothers blog. I hope you enjoy reading it and it inspires you to chase a dream of yours. 

xoxo, Paz.