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The Price of Responsible Fashion.

The Price of Responsible Fashion.



When I started thinking about Les Girls Collective, developing a responsible brand was a big concern. Why do I want to go into fashion if fashion is what the world needs LESS of? Why do I want to be part of the second most polluting industry (after the oil industry) in the world?
Well, it's because I think fashion can be done better. Much better. And that comes with a price, of course, both for the seller and for the buyer.

There is a reason our garments do not cost the same as the ones you can find on The High Street. It's because they are manufactured differently. When a t-shirt costs 10€, you can be almost sure that someone (factory workers) or something (the environment) in the manufacturing chain is suffering. Because retailers push for maximum profit, workers' rights are not always protected and environmental best practices are usually not enforced in fast fashion.


I did not want to be a part of this. It was extremely important to me that LGC was not contributing to child labor (yes, it's not a myth, it still happens), the disregard of women’s rights, and the destruction of our planet. And so I found a manufacturer that uses a high proportion of eco-friendly materials as well as non-toxic eco dyes, which reduces the impact on the environment and minimizes the amount of water, chemicals, and waste used in production.
It is also a member of The Fair Wear Foundation, which means workers' rights are closely monitored through third-party independent audits to improve working conditions for the thousands of people in the clothing manufacturing chain.

All of these policies my manufacturer implements reflect on the price of the garment. The end consumer pays a higher price so that the factory workers receive a fair salary that can support their families. This higher price also ensures the manufacturing process itself is environmentally respectful.
I envision a future where we buy less but better. Hopefully, you will receive your LGC item and enjoy it to the fullest, wear it again and again for years and pass it on to the next sibling. There is no point in fighting for the next generation of girls if what they are going to receive is a destroyed planet, don´t you think?